Move, well. Together.

Our Community


Being strong fundamentally enhances our quality of life and forms the basis of our programming.


There is no point being strong if you cannot move correctly. We show, teach and perfect correct movement, mobility and flexibility over time keeping you feeling great all day, everyday.


Our goal for you is to work hard, but not take up your precious time. We sweat, make your heart healthy, strip body fat and you can be on with your day!


We want you to move for life, so we teach you HOW to move, so you can continue to move, injury free long into the future.

Good Feels

We LOVE a good time. We preach balance, and we live balance. From R&B Friday night classes that end with a beverage or two, through to celebrating all of life's good times. We are serious about not taking life too seriously - fun is key.

Highlight of your Day

We genuinely aim for the 45 - 60 minutes you spend with us to be the highlight of your day.

Whether that is you feeling better for the day ahead, or finishing the day off with a stress relieving class - coming to The Limbar Academy to train will never be a chore!

Our Classes

Strength and conditioning

Loaded Limbar

Our Strength and Conditioning class combines our strength training for the first part of the class, and breaks into higher intensity style of weight based training, ensuring you feel like you pushed yourself with a decent sweat on.

In this class we combine Strength based exercises with Cardio exercises to ensure a full body workout every class.

Suitable for all levels as the exercises can be scaled according to ability.

45 minutes


Sweat Sesh

If you love the feeling of getting your heart rate up, the deep burn in your muscles and it being finished before you know it, this is the class for you!

Here for a good time, not a long time!

It offers plenty of variety between weight resistance exercises and body weight resistance, ensuring you leave knowing (and feeling) you’re chasing down your goals. 

Suitable for all levels, exercises can be altered to cater for injuries, limited mobility and entry level cardio fitness.     

45 minutes

Mobility and Flexibility

Flex 'n' Flow

Explores the importance of flexibility of the muscles, mobility of the joints and function of the core. 

This class incorporates exercises traditionally seen in mat Pilates, fused with a variety of Yoga techniques that flow and work each of the muscle groups, particularly the smaller groups, which tend to get missed when we do a lot of functional training.

A great class for all levels and particularly those who want to improve flexibility, range of movement and core strength.

45 minutes


Beats and Bars

In this class we always use the Barbell in some capacity. You will learn the fundamentals of strength-based training and the many benefits for the body. We will concentrate on one strength movement each class and compliment this with super-sets to burn body fat well after you leave our space!

This class is for:

  • Increasing bone health and muscle mass
  • Helping keep weight off for longer
  • Developing and improving body mechanics
  • Improve your metabolism


Our Strength class is scaled to accommodate all levels.  This class will help you no matter your goal! 

If you want to be able to build strength enough to hold your own body weight pain free, improve your posture, or carry all the groceries inside in one trip! 

45 minutes

Advanced Workouts

Savage Sunday

Our Savage Sunday will help you push through your hangover or set you up brilliantly for the week ahead.

It will combine a mixture of the fundamentals we incorporate in each of our classes, Strength, Core, Conditioning and Mobility.

Seasonally we may take you off-site and do alternative classes like a trek through the hills or even a beach workout in the warmer weather.

Keep an eye on the social pages each week to see what the Sunday session will look like. 

60 minutes (will vary for off-site classes)

Mums and Bubs

Limbar Mum's

This is specifically designed for our Mums at Limbar. This is an educational based class covering the fundamentals and importance of building ourselves from the inside, to become stronger on the outside after childbirth. 

We will cover core exercises, adaptations and alternatives in your initial stages of returning to exercise. A great class to start with before attempting our other classes like Flex and Flow.

45 minutes