Courtney - [Courts]
Owner - coach

Eight years ago my sister signed me up to the Personal Trainer course as something we would do together, however Portia didn’t follow through! Sport is something we were engrossed in during our school years – so much so that I don’t know how I passed my education! We had growing up, and still to this day have active parents who set the pathway to the importance of movement and exercise.

My career has been colourful, I have worked and lived overseas on private yachts, I flew for Qantas as a flight attendant then on return to Australia I spent the past 7 years in Corporate Recruitment and HR working up to 10 hour days and on call at the weekends. My Pt business was a brilliant side hustle for all these years, but the ultimate dream was to move the business from outdoors to my own indoor space and make it my full-time focus.

In April 2019, I left the corporate world and I haven’t looked back, started a part-time group training role and regained my passion on the gym floor. Qualified as Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pilates Instructor and Rehabilitation Trainer. We found the perfect space that would encourage and support like-minded people to move their bodies and move well for the long term. 

I promote, live and breathe balance. (Yes I drink wine….. and eat foods I know I shouldn’t, I am also human). But I move regularly, it’s how I personally manage life’s stresses. I feel best when I am fit, strong and healthy and it’s my body, my responsibility. 

I have had multiple injuries in my time, debilitating enough that its prevented me from doing the things I love, it affects my mental state but I work hard and I did what I was told to do by the experts (usually Physios) to get back to being me.

What you see is what you get, I do tell it how it is and my coaching style is unique. At the end of the day (session) I will ensure that everyone who values their health and gives themselves the time per week to move, does it safely and performs the best they can. That’s the crust of where The Limbar Academy concept has come from.