DAryl - [Daz]
Owner - Coach

The one constant in my life has been sport, and more broadly movement and exercise. I am a Sydney-sider by heart but don’t hold that against me – Since mid-2018 I have lived in Perth and I have adopted the work to live attitude rather than the live to work that most of Sydney applies themselves too.

I work hard because I have always done so in everything I do. Footy and Triathlon were my sports. I travelled the world with Triathlon and loved every part of pursuit. Transitioning into career mode and I qualified as a Personal Trainer.

I worked my through and up at a large recreational centre in Sydney within the public sector that had focused purely on the local community.  Before moving to Perth in 2018 I spent my time perpetually travelling the world, then a short stint in the Military sharpened my values and beliefs.

My love for sport and exercise has not wavered, I will watch anything with a ball in it, (and every other event) at any time of night, however my passion is helping people find the style of movement they enjoy most and ensuring it is something they can sustain long term. Athlete’s careers have a time limit, I am fortunate enough to now work with individuals whose fitness journeys are just getting started.

We all have to start somewhere and at The Limbar Academy we want to see people move, move well, forever – we will push you, and you will grow.