Our Story

How we came to be.

The Limbar Academy has been founded by two highly motivated, disciplined and determined individuals frustrated with the current fitness market.

Daryl and Courtney are creating a highly personal approach to fitness and movement that is completely dedicated to facilitating the fluid and ever changing needs of individuals, within the context of close knit community of The Limbar Academy.

Neither Daryl or Courtney could find a gym that actually (and genuinely!) cares and delivers results for the individual beyond the hype – so The Limbar Academy was born!

Years of going to a gym where no one knew each others name, having to repeat your story to a new trainer time after time (IF they asked) and not being able to see great results because of unenthusiastic and unmotivated coaches. There needed to be a space that was truly a member first approach.

  • Concentrating on individual needs
  • Example lead motivation
  • Keeping members accountable and on track with their goals
  • Recognition of achievements and failures, and celebrating both.

“It's not a gym, it's a vibe”

- Courtney (owner)

THe coaches

Courtney - [courts]

Eight years ago my sister signed me up to the Personal Trainer course as something we would do together, however Portia didn’t follow through! Sport is something we were engrossed in during our school years so much so that I don’t know how I passed my education! We had growing up, and still to this day have active parents who set the pathway to the importance of movement and exercise… 

Daryl - [daz]

The one constant in my life has been sport, and more broadly movement and exercise. I am a Sydney-sider by heart but don’t hold that against me – Since mid-2018 I have lived in Perth and I have adopted the work to live attitude rather than the live to work that most of Sydney applies themselves too…